SOHO HOTEL in Barcelona.

Posted on 30 September 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“The hotel was very clean with good facilities. All the staff we very professional and polite and spoke good english. My only area of complaint relates to the fact that you can not actually book a specific room at reservation stage.This is despite making a number of requests direct to the hotel prior to my stay. In all other quality hotels that i have stayed in i have been able to book specific or favourite rooms,particularly when booked a good way in advance [ and of course its available]. The inability to book a specific room for our special occasion was a major dissapointment and one which almost lead us to cancel the booking for a hotel that could guarantee the room that we wanted. We stuck with it and thankfully got the room we wanted,however it would have been better if it hadn’t been so much of a lottery. It took the shine of it for us really.”

Experience published by tb, Sep08.

Soho Hotel in Barcelona

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