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Posted on 11 June 2007 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“This is the perfect hotel for those going to Barcelona to party, all to often the emphasis for a great hotel is around business facilities or romantic getaways, but what about the singles who are there to explore the cities party scene?

It is a very hip hotel and initially looks like a bar, it has a sliding door to enter and puts you immediately in the mood to party. On arrival I was told that there had been a problem with my booking and that I would have to stay at another hotel, luckily for me this had been resolved by sending some other guests there, however, this meant that I would be upgraded to a suite. I loved the way that the receptionist twinkled as he departed this news. If only we could be as cool as the hotel, but we giggled and wooped with delight at this news.

The room was everything that we wanted and more, all too often the only truly design part of this kind of hotel is in the photography for the web site, with the rooms themselves being a let down, not here, it is even better than it looks. We spent at least ten minutes playing with the light settings, then it was out on the roof terrace with a bottle of cava for the first celebratory drink. My friends had to return to their hotel, but as is customary we needed our pre night out nap, the three of us fitted snuggly into the bed, switched the blinds to dark and managed a couple of hours kip.
It was a pleasure to get ready in the room and then we all met up for pre clubbing drinks. Barcelona really is the party city and it wasn’t until nine next morning that we got back to the hotel, oh how welcoming it was on our return. The private roof terrace was very much appreciated for this chilling time, hearing the bustle of the city below whilst being cocooned in our own private world.

It often feels like a waste, for people who go out to party, to pay for a room that they are not going to sleep in, but in this hotel it is worth every penny and the perfect way to start and end your night.

Although I was only there for one night it was a truly memorable stay and I would love to return one day, the staff were very friendly and helpful, thankyou.”

Comment added by Sue on June 2007.

Soho Hotel in Barcelona

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