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Posted on 23 September 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

“We have just returned from a four night stay at the SoHo for my best friends wedding. I wanted a really nice hotel to stay in as the bride was staying at a very posh joint and we were delighted we found the SoHo. Our room on the terrace floor was huge as was the terrace. It was a lovely space to chill out in after the stress of being Chief Bridesmaid. The staff were really friendly and helpful, the breakfast was great, the bed was HUGE and the sun shone on us everyday (I’m not sure the SoHo can take the credit for this, but it was a real bonus!!!)

Once we found the short cut through the University district, La Rambla was a ten minute walk from the hotel and we were glad to be arms length from the action.

Barcelona is an amazing and exciting city with fantastic restaurants and places to visit. The SoHo is the perfect hotel to return to at night to recharge the batteries. Thank you to all the staff who made is such an amazing stay!!!!!”

Experience written by sophie72, Sep08.

Soho Bathroom Barcelona

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