SpongeBob, the musical in Barcelona

Posted on 30 December 2010 in Barcelona, always!, Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

Have you every dreamt of seeing SpongeBob, alongside his friends Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Eugene Krabs and Squidward Tentacles, close-up? Well, now your dream’s come true, because they’re all coming over to the Palau Sant Jordi in a musical that will delight children.

SpongeBob: the Musical

SpongeBob: the Musical

SpongeBob SquarePants is an extremely energetic and optimistic sea sponge (although his appearance more closely resembles a kitchen sponge) who lives in a pineapple under the sea with his pet snail Gary, who meows like a cat. Although Gary only actually speaks in a few episodes, (mainly in “Sleepy Time” in Spongebob’s dream world, where Gary is portrayed as a librarian with an English accent) the characters have shown an ability to understand him. Living two houses down from SpongeBob is his best friend Patrick Star, a dim-witted yet friendly pink seastar who lives under a rock. Living between the two is Squidward Tentacles, an arrogant and egotistical octopus[2] who lives in an Easter Island moai and dislikes his neighbors (especially SpongeBob) for their child-like behavior. He enjoys playing the clarinet and painting self-portraits.

A creative team headed by Flipy were commissioned to bring this show, where children can interact with their favourite characters, to Barcelona. The show is based on a television episode called The Lost Episode: The Sponge Who Could Fly.

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Place:  Palau Sant Jordi -> Pg Olímpic, 5
Date:  02/01/2011 & 03/01/2011

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