Springtime in Barcelona!

Posted on 24 March 2014 in Barcelona, always!, Tips

The good weather’s been bringing new life to the city’s more than 80 parks and gardens in Barcelona.

Spring is now here and you can already see it from the city’s green spaces, trees lining the city streets and balcony gardens. You don’t have to look far to discover trees are in bud, see the colours of the first flowers or follow the insects as the make their way from leaf to leaf.

Park of the Labyrinth d'Horta | Barcelona

Park of the Labyrinth d’Horta | Barcelona

There are also surprises to be found amongst the trees in the municipal parks and gardens, such as the Tipuanas and Jacarandas, which lose their leaves in the springtime, unlike the other trees, because they originally come from the southern hemisphere.

And if you want to learn advanced level gardening, the Laberint Training Centre organises longer and mores specialised courses that are open to all.

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