Stained Glass Exhibition of La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Posted on 3 September 2010 in Barcelona, always!, History

Until 30 September, the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) shows a temporary exhibition dedicated to the windows of the Temple, designed by the famous artist Joan Vila-Grau.

In 1999 the painter Joan Vila-Grau received a commission to design and make the stained glass for the great window on the Western facade.

After several months engaged in studying the church of La Sagrada Família and especially the concept and function of the stained glass in the different works by this great architect, Vila-Grau undertook the project and the making of the Resurrection window, which was installed in mid 2001.
The Construction Board of La Sagrada Família then commissioned him to design and make all the stained glass for the church, a task on which he has been working since.

Stained Glass of La Sagrada Familia

Stained Glass of La Sagrada Familia

Vila-Grau’s purpose is to develop an authentic, total and suggestive symphony of colour and light to create, in his personal style, the atmosphere that pervades the whole church and make the wish expressed in Gaudí’s words come true: «The church of La Sagrada Família will be luminous…, it will be the church of harmonious light

The exhibition includes also the entry to visit the Temple.
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