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Posted on 18 November 2008 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

Deciding where to go on a city-trip can take some time – searching for a hotel that fits the bill usually takes even a little bit longer. We like contemporary looks – nice design-features and good quality – all at affordable prices – and that is what SOHO in Barcelona offers. They have worked with real qualitative materials in a creative way. The entrance is so subtle you easily walk past the front-door. Stairs going down, take you to the multi-media room, with easy chairs to relax, a small library and free internet – stairs going up, take you to the stylish lounge and breakfast area. The rooms have a couple of nice features like soft and hot light to adapt the atmosphere to your own state of mind, there is a glass see-through wall between the bath-tub an the bedroom – which can be blocked for privacy if wanted – and different sliding doors allow the space to be used in an efficient way. Design-features include the Artemide lamp-shades that can be swung in different directions, the nice Grohe taps in the bathroom and the don’t disturb magnet to be stuck on the door when in need for some privacy. The rooftop swimming pool and relaxing-area allows you to forget you are actually staying just a short walk from the centre of this great city. So where are the drawbacks you wonder? Of course the neighbourhood is noisy – then again so is every big city. Apart from that there is nothing we can think of. Breakfast has something for everyone also offering some real Spanish delicacies. Finally the staff are also really helpful and bring a smile to your face. Glad to have stayed a week at SOHO and for sure happy to come again!

Experience published by michel, Nov08.

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