Sweater, British sound made in Barcelona.

Posted on 5 January 2010 in Barcelona, always!

Crews Sweater

Crew's Sweater

Plan Magistral, their first album, recalls the best in Anglo-Saxon pop rock as well as the indie music scene. As they work on new songs, Víctor Garcia Barriocanal, the lead singer, and Rocky Otto, the keyboard player, tell us how they’ll be including new sounds, such as flamenco, jazz, blues and classical music, as the Barcelona band’s five members take their inspiration from a large and varied range of influences.

Having gone through a “traumatic experience” with a big label, Sweater’s members are keen defenders of self-management and opted for the do-it-yourself approach with their first album, which they produced themselves. It’s a formula they’re sure to follow in the future.

Sweater, Barcelona.

Sweater, Barcelona.

Impeccable sound and detailed, well-crafted lyrics make up the credentials of a group who attach as much importance to their music as they do to their words.

They started off singing in English, but now they sing in Spanish to be “true” to themselves and their audiences, and don’t rule out writing songs in Catalan. And that is because, they tell us, they do what and how they want.

Visit the Sweater website.

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