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Nights of science and fiction at CosmoCaixa

CosmoNits: Nights of Sci-Fi at CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Coinciding with a new exhibition titled The Cradle of Humanity, this summer the CosmoCaixa Barcelona is presenting the cycle CosmoNits, combining science fiction films and live music in Plaça de la Ciència. The basic format is the same every Thursday evening: at 9pm, there will be a concert and when it is over, there will […]

Fire!! - LGTB Film Festival

Fire!! The LGBT film festival in Barcelona

The festival called Fire!!, the International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, holds its 20th edition from 2 to 12 July at the Institut Francès (Moià, 8 – Sant Gervasi district). This year, the festival has the United States as guest country and, as already been seeing in recent editions, returns to bet on the European […]


In-Edit Beefeater Festival 2014 in Barcelona

In-Edit Beefeater Festival celebrates in Barcelona from the 23rd October until the 2nd November 2014. The In-Edit Beefeater Festival is a reference in documentaries and musical films. Coordinated from Barcelona, it is also celebrated in Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo and Berlin. The In-Edit online TV channel also shows documentaries of the festival. This year […]

Montjuïc Open-Air Film Festival

Sala Montjuïc: Open-Air Film Festival under the Barcelona Sky

Now that the summer’s arriving, people are keen to see films out in the open air. The 12th edition of Sala Montjuïc 2014 is the open-air film festival under the Barcelona sky. Once again offering a selection of the best movies of all time in their original version, live music, theme nights and plenty more, […]

Fire!! 2014 - Barcelona

Fire!! – The International Gay and Lesbian Cinema Festival

In the 19th edition, the International Gay and Lesbian Cinema will take place this July in Barcelona and It is to be the first online LGBT cinema festival in the country. The season’s protagonist is David Bowie, hero of pop, music, cinema, fashion and an LGBT icon. Hence the slogan ‘We can be Heroes’ invites […]


Americana: American Indie Film Festival in Barcelona

Cinemes Girona are playing host to the 1st edition of Americana: American Indie Film Festival in Barcelona, a sample of the best films screened at high-profile festivals such as the Sundance, Tribeca and Austin. These are films that do not usually make it to the big screen over here. Discoveries, personal commitments, debut works and […]

Palau de la Música

The Best Film Music at the Palau de la Música

The Cinema Symphony Orchestra is bringing the Palau de la Música the Hollywood’s best soundtracks. The orchestra presents an attractive program for film buffs and music lovers alike, with immortal melodies that helped consecrate some of the highest-grossing, award-winning films in the history of cinema. Universal motifs that have become over time part of our […]

10th Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona

The Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival returns to the city once again, and on this occasion with a two-fold premise. On the one hand, to promote and discover locations for the dissemination and projection of works by committed filmmakers and, on the other hand, to raise awareness and promote respect for the Universal Declaration of […]

The 21st Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival

The 21st edition of the Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival will continue throughout the year, offering a variety of programmes and venues, new special-theme spaces, creative workshops and a web space with an archive on all the previous editions as well as a digital magazine with articles that will be continually updated during the year. […]