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Photo by: Pere Nubiola

Water, fire, and new beginnings in Barcelona

Tourists who come to visit Barcelona during the month of June might see some rather unusual sights in the city’s public plazas. This is not the start of a revolution, but rather the city’s routine preparations for one of its most magical nights, la verbena de San Juan. This popular festival, which marks the summer […]

Refugi 307

The Air Raid Shelter 307

The 307 Air Raid Shelter, located on Montjuïc, is one of the many air-raid shelters that were built in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. The aim of the shelter was to protect the inhabitants of the city of Barcelona suffered repeated bombing. The shelter was dug with the help of the neighbors of Poble […]

Saint John's Eve

Saint John’s Eve: The Origin

On the night of June 23rd-24th, Barcelona celebrates one of the most important occasions of the year, popularly known as the night of San Juan, or Saint John’s Eve. The celebration is Pagan in origin and is only one of many solstice-related festivals. Born of a tradition that dates back to the pre-Christian era, it […]

Habaneras by the sea

The next Saturday, June 18, at 21: 15h in the Port Vell of Barcelona, will take place the 31st edition of the Grand meeting of Habaneras by the sea. For over 30 years, lovers of sea songs have in June an unmissable event in Barcelona with the world of Habanera. The meeting “Barcelona Cara al Mar” […]

Sant Medir Festival

Sant Medir is one of the most deeply-rooted festivals in the old town of Gràcia, this year it takes place on Thursday 3rd March. It is best known as ‘the sweetest festival’ for the tons of sweets and toffees thrown to the public from the horses, floats and lorries in the procession. The festival groups […]

LLUM BCN: Barcelona’s brightest festival

For the fifth year running, and coinciding with Sant Eulàlia, the Llum BCN festival will transform the city centre using the language of light. Llum Bcn festival will be held in the next few days from the 11th to the 14th during which the Santa Eulalia Festival will flood Barcelona with light. Organized by the […]

Sant Antoni is celebrating its festival

From 15 to 24 January, the Sant Antoni neighbourhood will be celebrating its festa major, filling its streets with activities ranging from talks and book presentations to sports activities and workshops and games for children. On the last day the festa major the Diables de Sant Antoni organise a correfoc, in which the fire-totting devils […]

Bits a digital comedy by Tricicle

Every time we conceptualize a new show we always go back to our old drawers where, over time, we have buried many ideas we found interesting at one point or another. This is what we will have to do at the end of 2011 when we start working on a new show. We can anticipate three things […]

All set for the XXI Barcelona Manga Fair!

The XXI Barcelona Manga Fair, that’ll take place between October 29 and Novembre 1, 2015, in Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, continues to expand its extension and increase the number of activities it offers. This edition of the show organized by FICOMIC will take up Pavilion 1, both floors of Pavilion 2, Pavilion 4 and Univers Square. Its […]