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World Press Photo Barcelona

The tenth edition of the international exhibition, World Press Photo, is celebrated until the 8th December at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) with 130 winning photographs of the prestigious international photojournalism awards. The World Press Photo has become one of the most outstanding events of culture and visual journalism of Barcelona, attracting […]


Do not miss these events at La Mercè 2014

Les Festes de la Mercè is a traditional fiesta in the city center every September in honor of one of the patron saints of Barcelona, La Mare de Deu de la Mercè (or ‘Our Lady of Mercy’).  This year’s edition is celebrated from 19th – 24th of September.  Top Highlights of La Mercè Festival 2014  Live Music  If you’re […]

Horror Experience

Horror Experience at Wax Museum

The Wax Museum of Barcelona offers a completely innovative, terrifying experience, created exclusively for night-time visits. In the ‘Horror Experience’, not all of the museums figures are made of wax. After his success with the Coliseum Horror Experience at Teatre Coliseum, producer Horror Box returns with a whole new experience of terror and created exclusively […]

Barcelona with children: Backpack baby

Travelling with kids to Barcelona allows you to discover a lot of interesting places and activities out of the mainstream. For instance, museums such as Museu Marítim, with its old ships and cool audiovisual displays; or the deliciously sweet and small Museu de la Xocolata or the enjoyably creepy wax figures of the Museu de […]

L’U232 Hotel promeut le meilleur art de Barcelone

Les passionnés d’art n’ont plus d’excuses pour ne pas s’évader et profiter d’un week-end complet à Barcelone durant lequel ils pourront visiter quelques-uns des musées et des centres culturels les plus réputés au niveau international. L’U232 Hotel, qui appartient au réseau d’établissements que le groupe Núñez i Navarro possède à Barcelone, a créé l’Art Weekend […]

Titanic: the exhibition in Barcelona

About 200 of the items that were on board the Titanic as it sank, recreations of cabins and even explanations about their design and construction are now showing at the Maritime Museum. Visitors will transport themselves back to the past, and discover at first hand what life was like on board this ship, thanks to […]

Myths and Ancient Coins

Gods and heroes adorned the coins of Hispania. Now an exhibition explains some of the beliefs associated with them. They were not just used to pay for products and services but also as amulets, talismans, offerings and funeral and even items. We are referring to the coins of Roman Hispania now on display at the […]

The largest retrospective of Delacroix, now in Barcelona

Every facet of Eugène Delacroix can be seen at the exhibition on at the CaixaForum. This is the most important retrospective dedicated to the French painter for half a century, and features over a hundred and thirty works. These will include paintings from the world’s most important museums; works that are milestones in Western visual […]

Volum! Exhibition at Macba Museum Barcelona

“Volum!” turns visitors to the Macba into listeners on a physical journey that aims to move from the central role of more classic three dimensionality to that of the volume of sound and voice as key artistic production materials, for exploring the transition from the 20th to the 21st century. And it does so through […]

Joan Miró: The ladder of escape

Renowned as one of the greatest Surrealist painters, filling his paintings with luxuriant colour, Joan Miró worked in a rich variety of styles. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy more than 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints from moments across the six decades of his extraordinary career. This exhibition is co-organised by Tate Modern […]