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International Rowing Trophy

18th Barcelona International Rowing Trophy

Barcelona port will host the 18th edition of the Barcelona City International Rowing Trophy on November 9 & 10. This year’s competition, which is organised by the Barcelona Royal Maritime Club in conjunction with Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Rowing Federation, has a record number of signed-up participants, hailing from clubs across Spain and […]

4th Mediterranean Currach Regatta in the Port of Barcelona

Since 2009 IOMRAMH has organized the Mediterranean Currach Regatta in the Port of Barcelona. Participation in this annual event has grown in numbers year after year, bringing international crews to the competition. The regatta has become both a sports event and a celebration of Irish tradition and culture on Mediterranean waters. In 2011 the Coonagh […]

4th Puig Barcelona Vela Clàssica Regatta

The IV Puig Barcelona Vela Clàssica will be held in Barcelona from 13 and 16 July, with 44 boats taking part. The regatta, which brings vintage yachts to the city, is split into three categories: pre-1949 boats, pre-1975 boats and recently built boats made with traditional techniques and materials. If anything distinguishes it from other […]