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Sant Jordi, the great festivity of Catalonia

Every 23rd of April Catalonia celebrates one of its main festivities, Sant Jordi (St George), its patron saint. Traditionally during this day men gave to their beloved a rose. But, in modern times, it has also became tradition for women to give a book in return, as it is also the anniversary of the death […]

St George in Barcelona: The World Book & Rose Day

Sant Jordi (St George) on the 23rd of April is the most romantic day of the Catalan calendar. In Barcelona, the main streets and squares are full of rose sellers and bookstalls, and traditionally the men give the women a rose and the women present the men with a book. As legend goes, the patron […]

Six million of roses for St George’s Day

The legend of Saint George was written in the 18th century by Jacopo della Voragine in his celebrated work, “The Golden Legend“. Centuries ago, in the medieval period, the catalan nobility organized jousting tournaments in the Born neighbourhood, in the centre of the Catalan capital. During these contests, young ladies were presented wit gifts of […]

Sant Jordi: World Book Day in Barcelona

Every April, 23rd Barcelona is decked out with rose and book stalls for St George’s Day. According to tradition, a rose should be given to one’s beloved as a sign of love, although book giving has also become popular. The Rambla is the main artery of this festival, with its numerous stalls, the scent of […]