Tardor de l’Art, season of cultural activities

Posted on 15 September 2009 in Barcelona, always!

Tardor de lArt in Barcelona

Tardor de l'Art in Barcelona

Tardor de l’art” was created with a clear objective: that art should be seen, be entertaining and thought provoking, be exciting and provocative, and help bring about more art lovers.

Catalonia’s four associations of art galleries: the GGAC (Catalonia Guild of Art Galleries), (art) Catalunya, Art Barcelona (Abe) & the GIC (Catalonia Association of Independent Art Galleries) have joined forces for the first time to promote a joint project, “Tardor de l’art”, which aims to make art galleries more accessible to and more widely appreciated by the general public through a season of free exhibitions and cultural activities.

“Tardor de l’art” will be defined through four great events and coordinated by each of the associations. It will include events ranging from painting, sculpture, video-art, photography, installations, editing, digital arts, drawing and even gastronomy.

More inf@: Web de Tardor Art

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