The Mas i Mas Festival adds Rock

Posted on 28 July 2011 in Barcelona, always!, Music & Performances

The adventure began nine years ago: providing a musical programme in Barcelona over the month of August. The Mas i Mas Festival was created to fill a vacuum and has become a big hit over the years.

Tiki Phantoms at The Mas i Mas Festival

Tiki Phantoms at The Mas i Mas Festival

Last year saw over 40.000 people attend its characteristic variety of music shows and 30-minute concerts.

Rock has never had a foothold at the Mas i Mas Festival until now, though, given its inclusion on the Sala Moog’s programme since last September (to take advantage of the early night hours) it could hardly be absent from this one.

It will follow the line established by the club’s annual programme, more or less veteran underground rock. Nodozurdo, Los Tiki Phantoms, James McCann Band, Joan Colomo, Tweak Bird and Title Fight are the big names.

Once that programme has ended, sometime around midnight, a new one will take over, electronica at the Moog, one of the city’s pioneering clubs in this style which happens to be celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

The nightly performances include a review of the Spanish scene, international guests and nostalgia sessions reclaiming the ruta del bacalao – the Valencia techno route. James Holden, Optimo, Tony Verdi, Ángel Molina and John Talabot are just some of the artists who’ll be attending the birthday celebrations.

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