The Mayor regrets the attacks on Gaza City

Posted on 5 January 2009 in Barcelona, always!

“Problems must be solved by dialogue, not bombs” said Barcelona Mayor Jordi Hereu, who regretted the attacks on Gaza City and explained the Council is in constant touch with its contacts there. He also said: “We are planning to send medicine to the Gaza Strip from Jerusalem the moment it is possible”.

For ten years, Barcelona, recently nominated as the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean with the support, among others, of the Israeli and Palestinian Federations of Local Authorities, has been actively cooperating with Gaza City on a number of projects: building the Barcelona Peace Park, redeveloping the East Al Nasser neighbourhood, providing expert assistance on questions of mental health and the “Summer Games 2008” organised by Pallassos sense Fronteres (Clowns without Frontiers).

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