The New Best Thing

Posted on 3 March 2009 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

I switched from the Hilton Barcelona to the U232 Hotel just a few blocks away. It was a saving of almost 30 euros after my airline employee discount at the Hilton. I was very worried because the price was so low (you know the rule… you get what you pay for). To my pleasant surprise, it ended up being an awesome hotel. Very clean, large rooms and nicely decorated. I am originally from Jamaica, so it reminded me of a tropical island cottage. I am now sold on this Hotel. Move over Hilton, there is competition on the block. If the the price remain low, then this will definitely become a Gem in Barcelona. I am spreading the world of this U232 to all my passengers and friends. Hope I will have the opportunity to stay there again or experience another property in the near future.

Experience written by Aroundtheworldin1day – Feb 2009.

U232 Hotel:

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  1. Kheng Teh

    We stayed 9 – 13 June 2009. We had booked a top floor room and it exceeded all our expectations. The terrace was huge – as was the bathroom. The double shower made for some good clean fun with my partner.
    The reception staff – particularly the guys – were really pleasant and helpful.
    The hotel is a little further out than some but well worth the extra five minute walk.
    I’d recommend this hotel – but do ask for a large room and pay that bit extra.

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