The photograph competition Fotoweb bcn 2007

Posted on 9 July 2007 in Barcelona, always!

This is the third photograph competition, Fotoweb bcn 2007, now well established and with the aim of demonstrating, once again, the different views people taking part have of the city of Barcelona, through their photos.

This year, so that more people take part in this web bcn initiative, there is a new category: you can send in photos taken with a mobile phone.
Demonstrate the life in Barcelona, expressing the sensations you can have in day-by-day routines in the city and capture a single moment which reflects everyday life in the city and is part of that which makes the city what it is.

The first prize, in each category, for the winners of this third Fotoweb bcn is a fabulous stay in Berlin.
The second prize for the digital photograph category is a digital SLR camera.
The third prize for the mobile phone photograph category is a fourth generation mobile phone.

Fotoweb Barcelona 2007


Núñez i Navarro Hotels, all the Centres of Barcelona around

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