The Urban Nights during summer.

Posted on 3 July 2009 in Barcelona, always!

This night-time activity programme, which started on 1 July, goes beyond a night-time visit to the various museum amenities. It also offer some city itineraries where , naturally, history provides the central thread. Options range from a visit to a Civil War air-raid shelter to a night of poetic astronomy. These are two of a dozen experiences included in the “Nits Urbanes” programme of the Museu d’Història de Barcelona.

For example, you can discover how the former inhabitants of Barcino lived by following a night-time route which ends with offering its participants a chance to taste some food and drink from that era.

This year, to mark the restoration of the Floral Games, you will be able to visit the exhibition on this poetry competition and finish it off with a glass of cava.

The Pedralbes Monastery night-time music cycle this year is dedicated to women patrons. The programme, which gets under way on 2 July, revolves around figures like Isabel the Catholic, Cristina of Sweden and Misia Sert.

More inf@ at Museu d’ Historia de Barcelona website – MUHBA

Urban Nights during summer

Urban Nights during summer

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