The Yellow Wave!

Posted on 4 June 2009 in Barcelona, always!, Sports

The Yellow Wave - Tour de France in Barcelona

The Yellow Wave - Tour de France in Barcelona

On July 9 will see the Tour de France come to Barcelona. The city will be receiving it with the world’s largest yellow wave, with the race route through the city turning yellow as the cyclists make their way towards the finishing line.

To make this giant wave, yellow-coloured sheets will be handed out to spectators standing in the front rows lining the entire route.

The instructions couldn’t be simpler: the only thing spectators have to do is raise their sheets with the yellow part facing the sky just as the first cyclist passes in front of them and, after a few seconds, bring it back down.

This will produce the spectacular aerial effect of a yellow wave all the way to the end of the race, turning the route through Barcelona yellow. On the day of the event, one of the organiser’s managers will provide them with ‘equipment’ (T-shirt and hat), show them which stretch of the route they will be covering and hand them a bunch of sheets they will have to distribute among spectators.

The Tour de France gets around 4,500 people and over 2,000 vehicles moving along its path every day. On 9 July, Barcelona is expected to see the arrival of this caravan at around 3 pm and the riders at around 5 pm (which is the time for the wave).

Together, we can make the world’s biggest wave possible!!

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