U232 Hotel Review

Posted on 12 February 2010 in Nuñez i Navarro Hotels

I recently stayed at the U232 Hotel with my wife for four nights for a birthday surprise. 

Bathroom at U232 Hotel

Bathroom at U232 Hotel

It has an excellent location and the staff were extremely helpful, advising what would be good to see whilst staying in the city and also how to walk, get the metro or bus.  They were always courteous to us taking time to greet you when entering or leaving the hotel. 

We had a good sized room with very nice facilities, balcony (although the view could have been much better, we looked onto the building behind the hotel?), large en-suite (with a glass wall in-between the en-suite and the bedroom) and a very comfortable bed & pillows, so were able to have great sleep which is very important on holidays!!  The local restaurants were of a good quality so choice was not limited.  Also a local cafe, called El Fornet, was particularly good for breakfast & lunch!! 

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to Barcelona and would definately think of a return visit!

Experience posted by Jeff Mcmullan, Feb 2010.

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