Zoomvi, Festival of VideoClips Artists

Posted on 1 April 2011 in Barcelona, always!

The Festival de Realitzadors de Videoclips de Catalunya, Zoomvi (Festival of Video Clips Artists), lands in Barcelona at the CCCB on 1 and 2 April to show the best productions created by audiovisual and music fans.

Zoomvi Festival at CCCB

Zoomvi Festival at CCCB

The festival is held simultaneously in Barcelona, Reus and Olot. The finalists in the 2010 competition will be screened, along with the documentary Bankrobber.doc , various video clip projects will be presented and there will also be a battle of video clips. Plus there will be concerts, with Le Petit Ramon and Myriads, for example, where video clip projections will be mixed with the live music.


– Screenings, Battle of the Video Clips, New Formats, Bankrobber.doc, Luís Cervero

– La Ciudad Sumergida (Dorian), I Love Ü (Murfila), Kenneth Russo, Atleta, Le petit Ramon/El Chico

A unique opportunity, then, for fans and producers to exchange practices and experiences.

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